Massage therapist went too far but says sex move part of practice

Victim thought business fired him, months later discovers he’s still working

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. – A woman who went for what was advertised as a myofascial release massage at a Hallandale Beach wellness center left feeling victimized and violated.

Lung B Chang, 71, is charged with sexual battery and was told by a judge that he was not allowed to continue practicing services despite him having a State of Florida license to perform massage therapy.

The victim reported that when she entered the massage room at the Ocean Drive Chiropractic and Wellness Center, she was told by Chang to remove her clothes except for her underpants. She was to cover her torso and chest area with a towel, which she did. According to the arrest report, Chang then told her to lay face down on the massage table. He began the massage, according to the victim, and then instructed her to turn on her side and to lower her underwear. He proceeded to massage the victim. She said he began to apply pressure to her pelvic area. He then sexually assaulted her using his fingers.

He told the victim that the penetrative procedure was to “release energy from her body” and was in accordance with Chinese massage principles. She told him she did not approve and laid on the table, face up. Chang proceeded again with the massage, but the victim said she then felt his hand once again trying to touch her in the same area of her body.

She told Chang “this is not the type of massage I came her for,” and responded by kicking him. She said, she then got up from the table, put on her clothes and left the room. According to the police report, she spoke to the clinic manager, who told her she would not be "charged for the visit and that the “incident would be handled.”

The victim received a phone call the following day from the office manager and was asked to return to the business. She complied and met with the owner who asked if she wanted Lung fired and she said she did.

She reported the incident to the Hallandale Police Department, but did not press charges at the time. Months later, police called her to inform her that Lung was once again working at the wellness center and was the suspect of another criminal investigation. The victim told police she wanted to pursue charges.

Lung’s license was issued in 2006, but a judge told him he was not allowed to practice massage and was not to work at the Ocean Drive Chiropractic and Wellness Center again. Records show that the battery charge leaves Lung with a $25,000 bond. He remains in jail.

There was no video surveillance cameras inside the therapy room.

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