A decade after earthquake that devastated Haiti

Local 10 News’ Calvin Hughes was there in 2010 and he’s back now

Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of a devastating earthquake that shook Haiti.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Sunday marks 10 years since a massive earthquake rocked Haiti, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Local 10 News anchor Calvin Hughes was in Haiti right after the historic earthquake and is back a decade later.

The country is still feeling the effects and struggling to recover, even after all these years have passed.

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The deadly quake was the country’s darkest day, and the new normal still includes daily desperation.

Some Haitians have tried to make the best of the situation while still recovering from the earthquake.

Some schools that collapsed have reopened, as well as some government buildings.

Sunday marks 10 years since a massive earthquake rocked Haiti, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moïse, told Hughes he will be addressing the nation on Sunday to discuss the future.

Moïse also urges unity among Haitians in the country like the days following the quake.

The president stated that there is so much the nation is struggling with, like high inflation, high gas prices and a hunger crisis.

For the past 18 months, violent, deadly protests that last for weeks at a time have shut down daily life.

The protesters accused Moïse of taking money, and not delivering on a contract from a multi-billion dollar government fund designed for social programs.

Haitians in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood had a silent march to commemorate and reflect on the devasting day.

Johanne St. Leger lost her uncle and father in the earthquake and had been grieving silently for nearly 10 years.

“I think it is helpful to be able to share this day with everyone here, I’m sure, whether it’s someone close to them that they’ve lost or just here for support,” said St. Leger.

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