Surveillance video shows T-Mobile smash-and-grab burglary in Dania Beach

Masked men use hammer to smash their way inside store

DANIA BEACH, Fla. – Two masked men didn't mask their intentions. They wanted inside a T-Mobile store in Dania Beach, so one of them took a hammer to the front door, shattering the glass and stepping inside.

Surveillance video of the Tuesday morning theft shows the first person inside taking a tablet from a display table. His accomplice went for the Apple watches, ripping the display from the wall.

The pair then stepped out of frame, and that's when the store manager said they went to the back of the store to grab any cellphone in sight. Once they were finished, one of them could be seen walking out nonchalantly with a full display in hand. The other crook follows behind.

An alarm alerted deputies shortly after 5 a.m., but when they arrived at the Sheridan Street location, all that was left behind was shattered glass inside the store and along the sidewalk. Despite the burglary, the T-Mobile store was open for business later in the morning.