Local MMA fighter assaults officers after arrest for allegedly attacking stranger

Miami police said it took 12 officers to subdue 31-year-old Michael Nates

MIAMI – A local Mixed Martial Arts fighter was involved in a violent arrest with officers in Miami-Dade County.

Police said Michael Nates, 31, was arrested on Sunday, Feb. 9, after getting into a fight with a man on the street.

The victim, Alex Torres, who was walking with his 3-year-old daughter on the 5400 block of Northwest 3rd Avenue in Miami, told police Nates approached him and asked if the girl was his daughter.

Authorities said Torres initially ignored Nates, who kept following Torres and his young daughter, asking the same question, and for the girl’s name.

Police said Nates asked Torres, "Are you willing to fight for your daughter."

While walking with his 3-year-old daughter, Alex Torres (pictured) was allegedly attacked by local MMA fighter Michael Nates. (WPLG)

According to police, Nates somehow caused the girl to fall down, so Torres grabbed her and started running away.

That’s when police said Nates punched Torres and grabbed the girl by the arm, but a witness grabbed the girl back from Nates while he fought with Torres.

"This man was trying to take away my daughter," Torres said. "I don't know what's wrong with the man. He tried to take my baby."

Torres and several witnesses ran after Nates after the incident.

"He ran inside the gym," Torres said.

Shortly after, police arrived and located Nates nearby, arresting him.

Police said Nates and Torres did not know each other.

Several hours later, Nates was being processed at a Miami police station.

Local MMA fighter Michael Nates was arrested near a Miami gym, then attacked an officer inside a Miami Police station. (WPLG)

According to police, his handcuffs were removed so officers could take a picture.

“That is when he tried to grab a hold of the officer’s handgun,” said Miami Police Officer Kenia Fallat. “He starts fighting the officer.”

Officers attempted to use a taser on Nates, but it didn’t stop him.

Instead, Nates grabbed the taser and hit the officer on his hand.

A second confrontation happened in another room, one that took the involvement of several officers in order to subdue Nates.

"He gave fight to not just one officer, but to about 12 officers, in order to restrain him," Fallat said.

Nates is facing multiple charges including kidnapping, aggravated battery on law enforcement and resisting arrest.

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