MMA fighter remains hospitalized after scuffle with police officers

Michael Nates’ mother says she believes son was having psychotic breakdown

MIAMI – Mixed Martial Arts fighter Michael Nates, of Hialeah, remains at a hospital in intensive care after he sparred with Miami police officers following his arrest on Sunday.

Local 10 News reporter Christina Vazquez spoke to Nates’ mother Thursday following a bond court hearing for his case.

“It’s very sad that we were not even notified by the police. We found out through a Good Samaritan,” Mitzi Nates said.

The fighter’s mother is outraged, saying she hasn’t seen him in the hospital and that she didn’t know what happened to him until Wednesday -- four days after his arrest.

She said she found out what happened after her son’s attorney finally got to see him for 30 minutes after a special court order was issued.

“My son has been beaten. He has major injuries. He’s in critical care. He has a punctured lung. He has bruises all over,” Mitzi Nates said.

Michael Nates, 31, was arrested Sunday after police said he tried to kidnap a 3-year-old girl and assaulted her father. He didn’t know the victim or the girl, police said.

The girl’s father, Alex Torres, spoke to Local 10 News this week.

"This man was trying to take away my daughter," Torres said. "I don't know what's wrong with the man. He tried to take my baby."

Authorities said Michael Nates got into a fight with officers at a Miami police station.

“That is when he tries to grab a hold of the officer’s handgun,” Miami police spokeswoman Kenia Fallat said.

Police said it took 12 officers to restrain him.

His family and attorneys believe he was having a psychotic breakdown when this whole thing happened.

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