Puppy dropped off at fire station after being stolen from Pembroke Pines store

2 men sought in connection with theft

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. – A puppy that was stolen from a pet store in Pembroke Pines has been returned to the business, but the men who stole the chocolate English bulldog named Oscar remain at large.

The theft was caught on surveillance cameras Friday at the Petland store.

Two men posing as customers asked to see the dog that was then placed into an enclosure.

As the employee walked away, so did the crooks, taking Oscar right out of the pet shop with them.

“Within that moment, the customer came outside the room, walked toward the other direction to see if anyone was watching them and then the other one grabbed the baby and then they just walked out,” store manager Tiffany Carrazana said.

Petland employees say two men stole a puppy from the business Feb. 21.
Petland employees say two men stole a puppy from the business Feb. 21.

Cellphone video obtained by an employee shows the crooks driving off Friday night.

Store management said they were worrying for the safety of the animal and if they would ever see him again.

“It is just more so the health side that we are worried about because we don’t know who the baby went with,” Carrazana said.

While police are still searching for the men, Oscar was found Saturday morning.

“At first, we were very shocked with the fact that the puppy did get found,” Petland owner Jose Castro said.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials said a woman dropped off the dog at a fire station in Miami Gardens, telling firefighters the dog was recently stolen.

“She just gave us the dog and said she didn’t want anything to do with it and just wanted to do the right thing and gave us the dog back,” firefighter Brittany Louvaris said.

Castro was filled with joy as he held Oscar once again, but more importantly was satisfied knowing he was back home and safe.

“The first thing I was told was the puppy looked in great shape and that everything with him seemed to be fine, and that is one of the things that we were actually concerned about,” Castro said. “We are just glad the puppy is in good health.”

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