West Hollywood homeowner pulls gun on serial thief

Man takes off without being shot, police now searching for him

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – A homeowner turned a gun on a man stealing from his home. They believe it is the same man who went onto their property and stole before.

The video is startling to look at as the homeowner, who doesn’t want to be identified, pulled a gun on the thief. Little did the serial stealer know that cameras caught every move.

The homeowner told Local 10 that the thief took thousands of dollars worth of tools from a back shed.

“He got a compressor, chainsaw, street saw and pellet rifle,” said the homeowner.

On Tuesday around 11 a.m., the thief came back to the house on a bike, parked it, then walked away with a wheelbarrow full of stuff.

But it didn’t stop there. At 3 p.m., the serial thief returned to the home to get the bike that he left and that was when the homeowner confronted him.

“I was nervous,” said the homeowner. “I told him to drop the bike and he did and then I asked him to get on his knees. He didn’t do that. I asked him four times to get on his knees. Then he jumped at me and ran down the street.”

Video shows a man as he allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth of tools from a home, and he returned to the scene only to be met by the barrel of a gun

His goal now is to get the man off the streets so the serial stealer doesn’t strike again.

The family is offering their own reward and Hollywood police are also on the lookout for man.

Call Hollywood police if you have any information at (954) 764-4357.

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