Coronavirus survivor says those on the frontline saved him

Retired professor forever grateful

Hollywood, Fla. – Retired professor John Enger is recovering at Memorial Hospital. It’s his 13th day in isolation and he credits his recovery to the doctors and his tireless, fearless nurses for saving his life.

“I have never heard one of them complain,” said Enger, 77, from his hospital bed. Enger who lives in Hollywood said he was a professor at Arkansas State University and Nova Southeastern University.

He typed out an ode to the isolation nurses on his phone. Those covered-up heroes, he says, are the key to his recovery.

“The two, I would not recognize one of them on the street. Because when they come in the isolation room, they have on several sets of clothing, they have two pairs of gloves on, they have a mask over their mouth.”

Enger was admitted to Memorial Regional positive with COVID-19 after he said he started feeling sick. But after being administered oxygen and an antibiotic, he started feeling better

As part of his typed out ode goes:

“....Their eyes cannot hide their satisfaction with a job well done ... thanks to the medical professionals ....many battles are being won...”

Enger says that because of his recovery and others who make it through, “Their step was a little bouncier. You could pretty much tell a sparkle in their eye. Their job was to hopefully help us live, so we could go home.”

The question is when will he be able to go home? He is hopeful in the next few days. Enger says he couldn’t be more grateful.

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