How well is Florida social distancing? Here are some grades

People are seen Friday on Jacksonville Beach. Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry announced Thursday that Duval County's beaches would open for restricted hours and can be used for swimming, running, surfing, walking, biking, fishing, and taking care of pets. (Sam Greenwood, 2020 Getty Images)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Social distancing is one of our greatest weapons against the coronavirus pandemic, and there’s even a tool to grade how well we’re doing it.

Unacast, a location data and analytics firm, created a “Social Distancing Scoreboard” that breaks down how well we’re staying away from each other.

Each state and county is scored on its reduction in average mobility, reduction of non-essential visits and how the decrease in encounters compares to the national baseline. (More methodology here.)

As of the latest data from Monday, Florida scores a C-.

We’re doing a little bit better in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, which each score a C+. Both counties get an A for reducing nonessential visits by more than 70%. However, both receive an F for a less than 40% decrease in encounters density compared to the national baseline.

Monroe County is the teachers’ pet, earning a B+, which is the highest grade of any county in the state.

And yes, if you were curious, Duval County where those Jacksonville beaches opened this weekend, gets a D+.

“We created the Social Distancing Scoreboard as the first of many tools to help organizations and businesses better understand public behavior in a post COVID-19 world,” Unacast CEO and co-founder Thomas Walle said in a news release. “We’ll be updating the Scorecard and enhancing this COVID-19 Toolkit to provide the most timely and accurate information possible, with the hope of ultimately saving lives.”

To see the full scorecard for Florida as the grades update, click here.

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