Miami-Dade schools prepares for reopening with spaced-out seating during pandemic

MIAMI – Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said Friday Miami-Dade County Public Schools is preparing to follow the new guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new guidelines include avoiding school field trips and assemblies and having lunch breaks in classrooms. Carvalho said the district is exploring other options including the staggered start of the school day and maximizing large areas like the gym.

“We are reducing the capacity of school buses," Carvalho said.

CDC Guidelines for School (CDC Guidelines for School)

District employees will be testing students’ temperatures before they are allowed into the bus and school, Carvalho said. Schools will be following three phases to reopen: Recover, Regain and Restart.

During the Recover phase, the district will be holding virtual Summer School from June 8 to July 10. During the Regain phase, the district will have virtual test preparation for state assessments.

Miami-Dade 3 Phase Plan (Miami-Dade 3 Phase Plan)

“The start date for the 2021 School Year is still the same, however, we have decided to actually bring some students back a little earlier,” Carvalho said.

During the Restart phase, students who demonstrate low levels of academic performance, as well as students with learning disabilities and English language learners would return to school on July 27.

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