Miami Heat teams up with Miami Police Department for new training program

Miami Heat teams up with police for new Black Lives Matter initiative
Miami Heat teams up with police for new Black Lives Matter initiative

MIAMI – The Miami Heat announced Thursday that the team is partnering with the Miami Police Department and Dedication to Community, or D2C, to implement a new training program for police officers.

Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina said the effort will begin with a pilot program that will train a subset of Miami police officers. The goal is to provide the training to every officer in the department.

“Any training that allows us to grow further in the community is something that we’ll always be interested in,” Colina said. “We have a great relationship with the community that we serve and we want to show them that we’re committed to keeping that trust.”

Colina and the Miami Heat will be working with D2C, a nonprofit organization that provides specialized training to law enforcement to help build trust and address racism. M. Quentin Williams, a former FBI agent and federal prosecutor, founded D2C.

“Communities across the globe are calling for action, and this collaboration offers new and creative ways to evolve society beyond just rhetoric,” Williams said. “This is what action looks like.”

Nick Arison, the Miami Heat’s chief executive officer, said the team recognizes both the opportunity and the obligation to serve as a bridge between law enforcement and the community.

“We believe the key to making progress in the fight for social justice requires honest and ongoing difficult conversations leading to action,” Arison said.

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