Man killed in fiery Miami crash was promising musician and actor

MIAMI – From their home in Massachusetts, film producer Stephen Stix Josey and his wife Veronica talk about her son, 26-year-old Kevin Shippy. He was following in his stepfather’s footsteps, launching a movie and a singing career under his artist name Yung Kevalier.

His promising young life was cut short in a fiery crash in Miami’s The Roads neighborhood last week. Shippy was in the passenger seat during the two-car crash on Jan. 29. The driver suffered severe leg injuries.

“That was a tragic way to go,” his stepfather said. “This was a good young man, and I don’t ever want to question God, but when I saw the news and the video that you guys had up, I cried for a couple of days. Every time I look at that I cry, because that was horrific.”

The crash remains under investigation.

“I want to make sure that there was no sort of foul play or negligence that was done to cause my son’s death,” Veronica Josey said.

As the family makes funeral arrangements they have also followed through on their son’s designation as an organ donor.

“I said whoever has his heart has a good heart,” Veronica said.

In one of his last music videos, Shippy delivered what now appears to be a prophetic statement — a message his parents hope will be his legacy:

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