Man accused of tormenting ex-girlfriend over 8-hour period at Sunny Isles Beach apartment

SUNNY ISLES BEACH, Fla. – A 42-year-old man from New York was arrested Tuesday on accusations that he barged into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment in Sunny Isles Beach and assaulted her because she wanted to leave him.

According to his arrest report, Yossef Azour, who also has an apartment in Sunny Isles Beach, hid behind the wall of the victim’s home on Monday as she opened the front door, thinking her food delivery had arrived.

Police said he then pushed his way into the apartment, causing the victim to fall to the floor, and then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the living room.

Authorities said Azour yelled at his ex-girlfriend to give him the password to her phone as he smacked her about the face and arms, but she refused.

According to his arrest report, Azour then grabbed a rope, cut it into several pieces and used it to tie the victim’s wrists behind her back, as well as her ankles.

Police said the victim pleaded with Azour to let her go and to leave, but he continued to beat her while demanding the password to her phone.

At one point, Azour picked up the victim, threw her on the bed and threatened to kill her while choking her, authorities said.

Police said the woman was able to convince Azour to release her and untie her, but he eventually got upset again and tied her back up during the 8-hour ordeal.

According to the arrest report, Azour cut the victim’s hair and attempted to burn her face on the glass top stove, but he was unable to turn it on.

He also threatened to inject her with something to kill her and told her that he would have thrown acid in her face if he had it on him, authorities said

Police said the victim’s roommate and friends became worried when they were unable to contact the victim because they said she always had her phone on her.

The roommate told officers that she went home and saw Azour inside their apartment, shirtless and angry.

She said he ordered her to stay outside while he and his ex-girlfriend finished talking.

The roommate left but returned 10 minutes later and told Azour to get out or she would call the police, the arrest report stated.

Authorities said Azour left and the victim told officers that she believed he would try to catch the first flight back to New York in the morning.

Police caught up with Azour the next day in Sunny Isles Beach as he was trying to head to the airport and said that he admitted to going to the victim’s apartment, but denied tying her up, threatening to kill her or trying to burn her face on the stove.

According to the arrest report, the victim said she had been in a three-year-long relationship with Azour, which she ended on Feb. 6. She said she had to block his phone number because of his constant threats and texts.

Azour, however, told detectives that the duo were arguing at the apartment because the victim wanted him to get divorced so they could start a family, but he refused, authorities said.

Police said the victim’s two cellphones were found inside of Azour’s friend’s car, which he was using to travel to the airport to go back to New York.

Azour was not able to head home though, as he was arrested on multiple charges, including home invasion robbery, kidnapping, aggravated battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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