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Sergeant-at-Arms with City of Miami Police Dept. relieved of duty

City of Miami Police Sergeant-at-Arms relieved of duty
City of Miami Police Sergeant-at-Arms relieved of duty

MIAMI – The City of Miami’s Sergeants-at-Arms protect city leaders during meetings and events.

One of the veterans, Luis Camacho, has been relieved of duty, perhaps the latest example of New chief Art Acevedo’s promises to rid the department of problem officers.

Also Wednesday came the finalized termination of husband and wife Deputy Chief and Commander Ronald and Nerly Papier. The veteran Miami police couple accused last month of covering up details surrounding her crash in a police vehicle.

But back to Camacho.

The investigation that got him relieved of duty, with pay, is ongoing and confidential, but Local 10 News learned it is possibly related to leaked photos of Sergeants-at-Arms vehicles in Key Largo with Miami’s mayor on a weekend vacation.

Miami’s chief recently defended the practice of sending city protection to city leaders on personal time based on threat assessments, he said

“For our mayor, or any mayor,” he said. “This is my fourth city as police chief, we do provide that security.”

That is why the chief ordered an investigation into who leaked the photos.

“That is absolutely unsatisfactory,” he said. “It is a security issue and I think that person, if identified, will be subject to severe discipline.”

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