Repair work being done to popular Dania Beach Pier

Steps are being taken at the Dania Beach Pier to keep the popular structure safer.

DANIA BEACH, Fla. – Steps are being taken at the Dania Beach Pier to keep the popular structure safe.

In addition to fencing and signage, a wooden piece was been added to help support old and deteriorating columns until permanent repairs can be done.

According to the City of Dania Beach, those repairs will be complete in the coming weeks.

Dania Beach Pier (WPLG)

Longtime pier visitor Rich Engels noticed the damage and reached out to Local 10 News after trying to reach someone with the city but not getting a response.

“I noticed one of the pillars is cracked and exposed rebar,” he said.

Local 10 News reached out to the city and got a lengthy statement in response, which can be read below:

“As part of the citywide safety assessment of the City’s facilities and structures, significant work has already been completed at our popular fishing pier and adjoining facilities over the past 18 months. This has included the replacement of several hundred wood deck planks, dozens of linear feet of pier railing, as well as roof soffit, lighting, and electrical repairs and improvements. Over the past several months we have placed particular focus on the structural components of our various facilities. To this end, work is scheduled to start in the coming days on repairing the support column at the bait shop that is part of the pier/restaurant structure at the beach. Based on visual inspections as well as discussions with marine structure specialists that have assessed the column on site, we have been assured verbally that the condition of the column is not a critical, day-by-day situation. However, in an abundance of caution it is recommended that the column be repaired in the coming weeks. We have retained the services of a marine structures contractor who will start the set up for the challenging over-the-water “pile jacket” repair in the next few days. The nine-foot tall jacket will fully restore the structural integrity of the column, providing the required support for as long as two decades. The component parts and supplies have been ordered, and depending on delivery (which is being expedited) the actual on-column work will start within seven to 10 days. It is estimated that the work will take two to three weeks. The completion of this repair is expected to be achieved four to five weeks from now. Fernando Rodriguez, Public Services Director| City of Dania Beach”

Over the past week, signage and fencing were added below the pier. A full repair is expected before September.

Its welcome news for Engles.

“If it wasn’t for Channel 10 probably nothing would have happened because nobody ever responded to me,” he said.

Steps are being taken at the Dania Beach Pier to keep the popular structure safe.

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