Superintendent confirms incidents of destructive TikTok trend in Miami-Dade school

Tik-Tok challenge called "Devious Licks" has students making mischief at school and they later post about it on social media.

A social media trend causing chaos at schools across Florida, has now been reported in South Florida. The challenge on TikTok called “Devious Licks” calling for students to steal, make a mess and post it on social media, has been reported at a Miami-Dade County Public School.

On Friday, Superintendent of Miami-Dade Public Schools, Alberto Carvalho, said school police were investigating two to three incidents of the trend. He went on the say that TikTok has removed the videos from their social media site.

Earlier this week in Collier County, students at Gulf Coast High School recorded themselves ripping out sinks from the walls, taking lockers from the school and even stealing toilets from the bathroom.

“You see kids doing it all the time too like if a teacher turns their back like they’ll steal a clock or something. It just gets you like a lot of likes on TikTok, like all the videos are blowing up and it’s pretty crazy,” said Annette Hernandez, a student at Gulf Coast High School.

Hernandez said most of the bathrooms at her school in Naples were closed Tuesday, because of the trend. In one instance, a faucet was ripped out of the wall, spilling water everywhere and flooding the whole bathroom.

In Seminole County, a toilet was removed and placed in the middle of the bathroom.

“Currently we’ve seen an incident at about all of our schools, so we have 12 middle schools and nine high schools, so every one of them has pretty much seen it,” said Michael Lawrence, Communications Officer for Seminole County Public Schools.

Lawrence says it’s a problem that is costing the schools thousands of dollars.

Near a middle school campus in Collier County, a Dunkin Donuts shut down its dining room because of the incidents. They posted a note saying “We can no longer control the young students after school that destroy our restaurant and have no manners.”

On Thursday, Miami-Dade County schools police officers said, “they are urging parents to speak to their children about the importance of respecting school property and acting responsibly on social media. Destructive behavior will result in serious consequences, up to and including expulsion and arrest. Having a felony record is not worth the price of gaining social media attention.”

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