Man who jumped on plane wing may have believed he was in ‘danger’

Passenger on flight from Colombia to Miami opens exit door, jumps on wing

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Just days after a 33-year-old man allegedly jumped onto the wing of an American Airlines aircraft upon landing in Miami, a newly released report states the man told a security agent that he was “in danger” when she discovered him on the wing.

According to the arrest affidavit, prior to 33-year-old Christian Segura being detained by United States Customs and Border Protection Agent Jonathan Hernandez, he was confronted by a security agent named Ana Suarez.

The report states that just as Suarez was about to do her security check of the flight arriving from Colombia to Miami, on Wednesday, she heard a thump in the direction of the plane’s right wing area. That is when she confronted Segura who was on the wing, in which he said to her, “Help me, help me, I feel like I am in danger as I saw bad things happening on board,” according to the report.


A passenger on a flight that arrived in Miami from Colombia was apprehended after exiting the plane before it reached the terminal.

Suarez then responded by asking if she was also in danger, but he said no, and asked if she could help him, per the report.

She then told him to stay put and to stay calm so she could call her supervisor to assist him. As she waited for her supervisor, the report says agent Hernandez arrived to the scene and immediately noticed Segura on the wing. Suarez then advised the agent that he had jumped out of the plane and that she “feared for her life.”

Later on, upon being questioned by two detectives, Segura allegedly told the detectives that he jumped out of the plane because “he saw something at Cali airport and was on alert because of that,” says the report. He then went on to explain that “he was being followed so he had to get out of the aircraft.”

He was then arrested and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where, according to the arrest affidavit, Segura attempted to escape by physically resisting two officers. However, he was then subdued by the officers without further incident.

He now faces four felony charges. He remains in the hospital as of Friday afternoon.