Commissioners end ban on electric scooters in Miami

Miami commissioners voted 3 to 1 to lift the ban on electronic scooters and introduce more regulations.

MIAMI – Miami commissioners voted 3 to 1 on Monday to rescind the ban on electric scooters in Miami, but users and companies will have to face new regulations.

Earlier this month, the commission decided to ban the electric scooters after opponents argued the devices were a safety hazard to riders, drivers, and pedestrians.

Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla asked his colleagues to listen to the representatives of the companies that profit from the sharing service.

“Change is coming; it’s going to happen anyway. Regulate it,” Diaz de la Portilla said, adding police officers can enforce rules such as speed limits.

The representatives of scooter companies weighed in on the feasibility of safety measures such as requiring users to wear a helmet.

Commissioners want to require helmets and to only have two scooters per block available. The city’s parking authority has yet to release the new rules for riders that officers will have to enforce.

Bruno Lopes, Lime’s senior manager for government relations, released a statement saying he looks forward to working closely with city officials to develop a permanent program.

“We specifically hope the city will continue to invest the millions of dollars in e-scooter fees Lime and other operators pay into protected bike lanes,” Lopes said.

Afternoon report

Electric scooters were the subject of discussion on Monday at Miami City Hall.

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