The reward is now $10,000, but what happened to the pink-pawed Pomeranian?

The reward is bigger for the pink-pawed pooch and the dog's owner goes seeking answers from the groomer where tempers begin to flare.

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Velma Royal said her dog Sasha was abducted while in the care of groomer Carmen Rios, but she has not been able to speak with Rios.

Rios, the owner of the grooming salon, said that’s not true.

“I called you, your son called me. I saw you the day before the news came. Why would you lie?” Rios said to Royal as both were standing outside of the grooming business Thursday.

It has been four days since Royal said her dog, Sasha, was taken after being left at the shop.

“I didn’t lie, Carmen.”

Rios countered: “Yes, you are lying. You’re blatantly lying.”

Before heading to Rios and her shop, Royal spent the first part of the day posting flyers in hopes someone has seen Sasha with her distinctive pink paws and tail.

A local businessman is adding to the reward for Sasha’s safe return, bringing the total to $10,000.

“I wanna thank this anonymous donor. He don’t know how much he has blessed me,” Royal said.

According to a North Miami Beach police report, Rios told investigators that a woman approached her at the rear door of the business asking for a job. Rios said she went back inside the store to get a pen and paper and when she came back the woman was gone and so was Sasha.

Local 10 News tried to get a first-hand account from Rios on Wednesday, but she refused to open the door to us. Pet detective Jamie Katz said she didn’t want to speak with her either.

Rios said Royal’s family has been attacking her for days.

“This is exactly why I stopped cooperating with you guys because you guys are liars. Your family has been harassing me and attacking me for four days. I’m done. You wanted help? I can’t help you now. How am I supposed to help someone who’s attacking me, how? They’re liars,” Rios said.

The groomer said she already talked to the police and she doesn’t feel that she needs to talk to anyone else.

We told Rios we just wanted to know what happened. She went inside of her business and locked the door.

Royal just wants her dog back.

Anyone with information about Sasha’s whereabouts to call 1-844-411-5289.

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