FBI Miami agents search for ‘violent’ heavily armed bank robbers

FBI Special Agents are asking the public for help with finding three "violent" armed trio who robbed a bank in Cooper CIty.

MIRAMAR, Fla. – FBI agents say these three bank robbers are unlike the many others they have recently seen in South Florida.

FBI Special Agent Michael D. Leverock said they were heavily armed when they rushed inside a Centennial Bank branch in Broward County.

“We care about all bank robberies, but this was a particularly violent one where they terrorized employees,” Leverock said on Thursday.

Surveillance video shows the trio arrived at about 11:20 a.m., on Wednesday, at 10310 Griffin Rd., in Cooper City. There were no customers inside. Leverock said they jumped on the counter, threatened a bank teller, and took the cash.

“They had dangerous weapons and they need to be taken off the street immediately,” Leverock said at the FBI Miami Division headquarters in Miramar.

No one was injured. The robbers didn’t fire their weapons. Leverock said they fled in a stolen four-door Nissan. He is asking anyone with information about the robbers to call the FBI Miami Division in Miramar at 754-703-2000.

5:30 p.m. report

FBI Miami special agents are searching for three heavily armed bank robbers who targeted a bank on Wednesday in Broward County.

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