Mother outraged after watching video of daughter’s attack at Miami-Dade school

Mother says Richmond Heights Middle School administrators didn’t notify her of Thursday incident

A mother said she is concerned about the lack of security that allowed a student to attack her child without interference.

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Fla. – A mother in south Miami-Dade County’s Richmond Heights neighborhood said she was horrified when she saw a girl was able to beat up her 13-year-old daughter without any adult interference.

“To see your baby -- the baby that you carried -- being slinged around like a rag doll, a girl stomping and beating on her -- I can’t even explain how I felt,” the mother told Local 10 News.

She said Richmond Heights Middle School administrators didn’t notify her of the Thursday incident even though her daughter was injured.

“This incident was immediately addressed by the school’s administration and Miami-Dade Schools Police,” a spokesperson for Miami-Dade County Public Schools wrote in a statement to Local 10 News.

A mother is outraged after her 13-year-old daughter was viciously attacked at her middle school in south Miami-Dade County.

The distraught mother said that had it not been for a witness video, she wouldn’t have found out about the extent of the violence. Watching it was angering.

“I didn’t even care if I went to jail or nothing. I wanted to retaliate against what I had seen my child go through,” the distraught mother said.

The bullying continued after school, she said, with threats to dissuade her daughter from going back to school. She said her daughter is dealing with a lot of pain.

“She’s got lumps in her head,” the mother said.

There was also a footmark on her arm and bruises on her shoulders.

“If her or her family is watching, I really don’t appreciate it at all,” the mother said.


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