Shooting during Miami-Dade burglary paralyzes man, 2 arrested

Police officers arrested Marie Jeanbar and Xavier Bienaime on Wednesday in Miami-Dade County. (MDCR)

MIAMI – A single gunshot was all it took to paralyze a man from the neck down during a burglary at an illegal gambling operation near Miami-Dade County’s Pinewood neighborhood, according to police. The man is only able to move one arm.

The burglar shot the man in the lower back on Aug. 29, in a building at the corner of Northwest Seventh Avenue and 112 Street. Police officers arrested two suspects on Wednesday: Marie Jeanbar and Xavier Bienaime, both of Miami Shores.

The neighboring Round Table Sports Bar & Lounge was able to provide surveillance video and detectives believe it captured images of Jeanbar, 25, Bienaime, 39, and another man, according to the arrest report.

The video shows Bienaime was holding a weapon and a duffle bag, according to the arrest report.

Police officers arrested Jeanbar and Bienamie during a traffic stop over an expired tag at Northwest Seventh Avenue and 83 Street and arrested Jeanbar and Bienaime. They are both facing charges of attempted murder, armed robbery, accessory after the fact, and armed robbery conspiracy.


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