WATCH: A recent series of unsolved attempted abductions leaves families on edge

A former defensive tactics police instructor shows you defense strategies that could save your life

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY – Freddie Trillo, a retired Miami-Dade police defensive tactics instructor and owner of Trillo Jujitsu Academy, is demonstrating two self-defense tactics you can use when somebody is attacking you from behind.

Trillo, who also served as a SWAT operator and professor brought Local 10 News’ Christina Vazquez in to show that if an attacker is really intent on grabbing you tightly from behind, weight leverage can be one of your best defense mechanisms.

In the wake of this demonstration, two recent abduction attempts in Miami that were caught on video showed detectives searching for the man responsible who surprised the females from behind.

“That’s exactly what is going to happen in the street if somebody attacks you - they don’t expect you,” said Trillo. “They are sneaking up and not expecting the reaction you are going to give.”

“Snap and throw them down and you will get the same reaction I got-- a look of surprise and that is going to give you time to get away from the bad guy and ask for help,” said Trillo.

Trillo also advises in the video that if an attacker moves in for a choke hold, put your hands up, tuck in your chin and slow down his ability to squeeze around your neck.

“The wolf is the bad guy he’s always looking for that easy target,” Trillo said. “You want to be aware of what is happening around you so less likely to be a victim.”

Watch the full demonstration of the two self-defense tactics and final takeaways here:

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Christina returned to Local 10 in 2019 as a reporter after covering Hurricane Dorian for the station. She is an Edward R. Murrow Award-winning journalist and previously earned an Emmy Award while at WPLG for her investigative consumer protection segment "Call Christina."

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