New video shows harrowing moments during floods in Hollywood, Dania Beach area

Woman aids stranded motorists with food, water

DANIA BEACH, Fla. – While flood waters dried up Thursday morning, the aftermath of Wednesday evening’s floods in Dania Beach was made apparent by the number of abandoned vehicles creating a hazard along Sheridan Street.

And new video obtained by Local 10 News shows the harrowing moments during the downpour in Dania Beach and Hollywood.

Some abandoned vehicles were in the swale along the side of Sheridan Street, just east of U.S. 1, however, there were multiple cars stopped in the middle of the road.

That led to frustration among some drivers, who honked their horns at the empty vehicles, unaware that no one was inside.

Officials were working with towing companies to remove the vehicles as other drivers tried navigating around them.

Dania Beach issued a state of emergency following the floods.

Tow truck drivers were cruising the streets of Dania Beach to get cars out of the road and there were plenty of customers to be found.

“They are everywhere, there are streets we can’t even get down,” a tow truck driver told Local 10 News’ Christina Vazquez. “(It’s) just mass flooding out there, as soon as you pull one car out, more are driving in.”

That driver said work may continue for “the next few days.”

The Dania Beach and Hollywood area also featured some good Samaritans amid the storms.

Michelle Glass jumped into action to deliver food and water to stranded drivers.

“They had been stuck in their cars since 6 p.m., if not earlier and they were up in water up to their car doors, some people had no water, some people had no food, some people had children with them, some people were elderly, and some people were sleeping in their cars last night,” Glass said. “It was honestly life threatening last night. Nobody should have been on the roads. Nobody should have been on the roads. It was terrible.”

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