Marlins GM Kim Ng sees start of Spring Training as her Christmas morning

Kim Ng is introduced as the Marlins' general manager at Marlins Park on Nov. 16, 2020.
Kim Ng is introduced as the Marlins' general manager at Marlins Park on Nov. 16, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Miami Marlins)

JUPITER, Fla. – Marlins General Manager Kim Ng can’t wait for the start of Spring Training, with pitchers and catchers reporting on Wednesday.

Ng said, “I feel like a kid on Christmas. This is my Christmas morning. We’ve talked about these guys quite a bit every day for the last three months and finally I get to see them. You get to see them out on that field, how they react to certain situations, how they compete... You get to see them in their element. I’m just incredibly excited to meet all of them in person and see what they bring to the table, live.”

In terms of prospects, Ng said she wants to see consistent effort, what their tools are, how they react in certain situations, and she wants them to relax and be themselves.

Relative to making moves this offseason, Ng said, “I think we went about it in a very systematic way... I think you have a plan going in and it didn’t seem that hard to stick to. We let the market evolve a bit and we’re ready to make deals when those opportunities popped up for us.”

Ng said that the front office used some patience.

Ng said she thought it was a great offseason for the Marlins and that she’s pleased with where the team is this offseason.

Ng said, “The job’s been great... You realize you’re doing what you’ve always done.”

Ng said getting to know the team’s staff has been very helpful to her.

The GM is happy with the team’s manager. Ng said, “I’m not sure there was anyone who has managed a team better than Don last year.”

Ng plans to be out on the field with the players, when it’s the right timing. She wants to give the team time to settle into Spring and to get ready.

The general manager would not answer if she has a secret twitter account to follow what people are saying about the Marlins.

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