18-wheeler goes off side of Palmetto Expressway in Miami Gardens

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – A truck driver trying to make his way through the stormy weather Monday morning accidentally drove his 18-wheeler off the side of the Palmetto Expressway in Miami Gardens.

The incident unfolded near Northwest 47th Avenue.

Local 10 News reporter Alexis Frazier was at the scene as two westbound lanes were closed as authorities worked to remove the truck that was hanging over the side of the overpass.

A witness told Frazier that they heard heavy wind and rain before hearing the crash.

An employee from a nearby restaurant said the driver took about 7 or 8 minutes to get out of the truck before walking over to the business with an umbrella.

The employee said they called 911, but the driver luckily was not injured.

It doesn’t appear that any other vehicles were involved in the incident.

The accident came as communities nearby were practically left underwater due to the flooding from Tropical Storm Eta.

“This is my first time that I’ve seen this,” one man said. “I was getting ready to go to the store, get some coffee, some bread – can’t do none of that.”

Residents who have lived in the area for years said they have never seen the water this high and creeping up to their doorsteps.

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