Wordle lovers, meet the Wordle Valentine

Wordle Valentine printables created by 'JUST is a Four Letter Word" (Courtesy: JUST is a Four Letter Word)

Wordle has become a daily activity for so many people across the country, who can’t wait to figure out the word of the day. You have six chances to guess the five letter word and try to guess the word in as few attempts as possible. It’s hard to miss, because the game has swept the internet with posts from friends showing off their latest and greatest score.

The new online word puzzle game has even inspired a few creative lovers of the game to create their own Wordle Valentine.

JUST is a Four Letter Word created a printable Wordle Valentine, so you too can put together the perfect word search for your special someone. All you need is some cardstock, a paper trimmer and small envelopes.

For instructions on how to make your DIY Valentine cards, click on this link.

If you’re searching for a creative way to enjoy your Valentine chocolate, Wordle fanatics can try their crafting skills making an edible Wordle Board. Chocolate covered wafers make for the perfect template to help you send your Valentine a special message.

Wordle Chocolate wafer board created by 'JUST is a Four Letter Word" (Courtesy: JUST is a Four Letter Word)

For a guide and a list of ingredients to help you make your edible treats, visit this link.

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