Miami ‘Beyond Monet’ exhibit opens this week

“Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience” is coming to Miami on Friday. (Courtesy photo)

MIAMI – Interested in experiencing art beyond the canvas? “Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience” is a multisensory exhibition that opens Friday.

The same group that brought “Beyond Van Gogh” is back to showcase 400 of Claude Monet’s most venerable works, including “Poppies” the “Water Lilies” series.

Using cutting-edge projection technology, ethereal music and sound effects, the French Impressionist painter’s classic works come to life in a dreamlike display. In addition, the exhibition includes a voiceover of Monet’s thoughts and writings to guide guests through the unforgettable journey.

“‘Beyond Monet’ spans 50,000 square feet with over one million cubic feet of space, making it one of the largest immersive experiences in the U.S.,” said Justin Paquin, Co-Producer and Director of Paquin Entertainment Group. “You truly feel like you are a part of the bright and colorful world of Claude Monet rather than a spectator.”

Guests will visit different spaces to capture the full measure of the artist’s storied career and legacy. The Infinity Room, for example, offers the opportunity to roam freely while Monet’s stunning imagery encompasses every surface of the room, from floor to ceiling. Guests will feel as though they were transported inside the work of art. The ebb and flow of the artwork, along with carefully curated music, will awaken the senses.

The exhibition will open at Miami’s Ice Palace Studios, at 1400 North Miami Avenue. Ticket prices start at $23.99 and VIP packages are available, as well as special discounts for students, military personnel and seniors.

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