Post-workout beer? Electrolyte beer may be coming to a brewery near you

Electrolyte-enhanced beer may be the new post-workout trend. Photo: Mispillion River Brewing on Instagram @mispillion (Courtesy of Mispillion River Brewing)

After an intense workout, most people grab a sports drink, an electrolyte-enhanced beverage, a protein shake, or wait, a beer?

Yes, a bottle of beer.

According to USA Today, a growing number of brewers in the U.S. are hopping (pun intended) on the sports drink train and are adding electrolytes into their beer.

However, these aren’t your classic brews with high alcoholic percentages — they are usually lower alcoholic brews that are selected for the addition of electrolytes.

One example of a brewery taking a cue from Gatorade and Powerade is Harpoon Brewery’s Rec. League based out of Massachusetts. They selected a pale ale that is 3.8% ABV and 120 calories and is made with ingredients that yield electrolytes.

Also taking the cue is Mispillon Rivery Brewing based out of Milford, Delaware, where they have a line of beers they’re coining the “War” series, which are tart and fruity beers that aren’t hoppy and are infused with electrolytes. According to brewery president and founder Eric Williams, they have been attracting a very different kind of beer-drinker.

This new wave of electrolyte-enhanced brews comes as hard seltzers have skyrocketed in sales across the U.S., where many health-conscious consumers have sought a new, and perhaps, healthier, way to consume their favorite alcoholic beverages.

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