Davie police officer trying to shoot dog accidentally shoots self

Officer expected to be OK; dog grazed by bullet

A Davie police officer accidentally shot himself in the hand while trying to shoot a dog that charged at him.

DAVIE, Fla. – A Davie police officer accidentally shot himself Friday morning, police said.

The officer was attempting to shoot a dog that charged at him during a non-criminal incident at a home on Southwest 116th Way, Davie police Lt. Mark Leone said.

Davie police investigate an accidental shooting involving an officer on Southwest 116th Way. (WPLG)

“When the police officer got to the front door of the residence, the family pet -- happens to be a female boxer named Bella -- ran right past him and went toward the officer," Leone said. "The officer was in fear, drew his firearm and fired one shot.”

Leone said the officer’s hand got in the way of the gun’s muzzle.

Home surveillance video shows what appears to be the officer walking back and forth from the home.

Moments later, more police cars arrive -- lights flashing -- and officers run toward the home.

A short time goes by when two officers are seen walking on the sidewalk, one of them grasping his hand.

He gets to the back of a patrol car and appears to start wrapping something around the wound to stop the bleeding, seemingly frustrated.

Several of the officers gathered around shine their flashlights on the wound. An ambulance arrives and the officer gets in the back before it drives away.

The officer was expected to be OK, as is the dog that was grazed by the bullet, Leone said.

“Right now I’m being told that the dog is still at home with the family,” he said.

A woman who lives at the home had no comment.