Coronavirus in Florida: Family believes 101-year-old woman would have reached her next birthday if not for contracting COVID-19

MIAMI – Leona Moten-Scott tested posted for coronavirus late last month.

She was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital on April 1 and passed away on Sunday.

She was 101 years old, born in August of 1918.

Her family’s confident she would have lived to see 102 had it not been for the devastating COVID-19 virus.

Carolyn Moore said her mother loved the church, loved ceramics and, despite her age, could still get around, with the help of her walker.

The retired hospital housekeeper was rushed to the emergency room after her symptoms progressed.

"Sunday morning, the doctor called me, and says 'I'm so sorry, Carolyn, but your mom passed away,'" said Moore.

Despite her loss, Moore is incredibly grateful to the doctors who cared for her mother.

"Every day he went in, he FaceTimed my mom to me," Moore said. "I’m so used to taking care of my mom, and holding her hand, and talking with her and laughing.

"I can't even come to hold her hand, to let her know that I’m here."

Moore told Local 10 News' Layron Livingston that she, too, tested positive for COVID-19, and so did her husband, David. They all live together.

While Moore remains asymptomatic, her husband had to be hospitalized the same day as his mother-in-law.

"About 30 minutes from each other," Moore said.

On Tuesday, Moore said her husband is doing a little better after speaking to him in the morning.

"It just scared me because I’m thinking, 'Lord I can’t take losing two at this time,'" she said. "I just thank God that he kept me strong so that I could take care of them and that I got them to the hospital."

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the family is only doing a viewing, on Friday, followed by a brief graveside ceremony Saturday.

They are hoping to be able to have a much larger memorial and celebration of life on August 2nd, which would have been Moten-Scott’s 102nd birthday.

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