Weston mayor talks about his coronavirus diagnosis

WESTON, Fla. – Weston Mayor Daniel Stermer says his symptoms started about a week ago.

He got home with a pounding headache and felt exhausted, but he didn’t make much of it. It was his daughter who pushed him to get tested, so he did.

Thursday, he went to the drive-thru testing site at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston.

Three days later, when he says he was feeling great, he found out he is positive for COVID-19.

He says he has no clue who he got it from or how he got because he’s been practicing social distancing for weeks.

“I haven’t been out in my community doing the things I normally do,” Stermer said in an interview Tuesday. “I videotape messages, I sent out emails, so I’ve been distancing from the community. But part of the problem is you don’t know the person you’re passing may have it. You may touch something where someone may have left a droplet, because there’s different time periods based on the surface. So I don’t know.”

Stermer says he’s asking anyone who may have had contact with him to monitor their health.

He’s also asking people to please wear masks when they’re out getting their essentials.

He’ll be quarantined for another week and then figure out his next step.

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