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Elected officials in Broward County not agreeing on whether gyms should be allowed to reopen

Fitness centers' dilemma in Broward: 13 mayors say yes, 11 say no
Fitness centers' dilemma in Broward: 13 mayors say yes, 11 say no

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – The mayor of Broward County had said only private fitness centers, like those in condo buildings, are supposed to be open.

Some 13 mayors said they want the gyms open and 11 mayors said they want them closed. Bigger gyms in Fort Lauderdale and some other Broward cities opened for guests on Monday.

"I think I should be able to make an adult decision and these choices myself," said gym member Mike Brennan. "If people don’t want to come, that’s their choice, too."

Brennan said he got an email saying his gym 1440 Fitness was open but came by to find it locked.

The Plantation gym did open for a few hours but was shut down by code enforcement within a few hours.

It was the same situation at Fitness For Warriors gym in Coral Springs Monday morning.

“Code enforcement came by after our second class says you can’t be open,” said Rick Davies with Fitness For Warriors.

Countywide confusion about fitness centers opening coming from the top.

This is what governor DeSantis has to say about the issue: "If they decide they want to do the gyms, they can do it."

The Mayor of Fort Lauderdale says he is letting gyms in his city open. Studio owners already struggling after being shut down for two months are saying enough is enough. They are taking precautions and just want to get back to working out

“We need to be able to open back up if they won’t give us the support we need,” said Davies.