5-year-old Broward golfer building young reputation after amazing hole in one

SUNRISE, Fla. – His friends at the golf clinic call him "Will the Thrill."

At only 5 years old, William Kelly has a mean golf swing, and a new reputation to uphold.

On Friday, Kelly hit a hole in one during his golf clinic at The Bridges at Springtree Golf Club in Sunrise.

"I hit a 7 iron," he recalled. "It took two bounces off the fairway and one bounce off the green, and then it hit the flag and then it went in."

Roughly 68 yards from the tee box to the pin, Kelly chose to use his 7 iron at hole #13.

"I practice chipping and putting," he said, with his grandfather adding that he does it four days a week.

Several people witnessed the hole in one, surprised that he made a shot most adults never achieve in their lifetime.

Golf coach Mike Freglette said Kelly is passionate about the game.

"It was an unbelievable moment," said Freglette. "Some people play golf their whole lives and never get a hole in one. He’s playing as good as a third (or) fourth grader. He’s got some natural talent."

Kelly said his favorite golfer is Phil Mickelson and he hopes to play a round with him one day.

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