Local 10 meteorologist Betty Davis reveals she’s battling coronavirus

Chief certified meteorologist Betty Davis shared Monday that she is among the nine Local 10 employees who are battling COVID-19.

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Local 10 chief certified meteorologist Betty Davis is among those on our staff fighting COVID-19.

Betty has been battling a fever for a few days now. She is currently hospitalized but she’s being well cared for and doctors say she’s making good progress.

Betty shared a message on social media Monday afternoon.

“I am weathering this storm with a lot of fear, but also with a great deal of faith,” she wrote.

She thanks everyone who is sending messages about those in the Local 10 family fighting this virus.

Betty is one of nine Local 10 employees who tested positive last week.

Anchor Nicole Perez and her husband, reporter Roy Ramos, are slowly recovering. Nicole is feeling better than Roy at this time. Both feel better than they did on Friday. Nicole still has headaches and is tired but has found some energy to get on her stationary bike to try to get a little exercise. Roy is sleeping frequently. He is still with shortness of breath and a cough but does feel like he’s making progress against the virus.

The news is better today for anchor Louis Aguirre. As we told you last week, Louis was feeling no symptoms at all and was convinced his positive test was wrong. He was retested, and Monday that test result showed him as negative. Louis is now getting a third test to sort out the discrepancy.

The other Local 10 employees are on a wide spectrum in their recovery. Some are feeling fine. A few others are still having tough days.

A fever is a common symptom, along with body aches and headaches.

Last Wednesday, Local 10 tested 97 employees and family members after the initial nine employees were positive for the virus. Of those, 95 came back negative, including all of the Local 10 employees. Two family members tested positive, and they have gone into quarantine.