Miami mayor says some hotels will be used as coronavirus isolation centers

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said the city will be turning some hotels into isolation centers. (City of Miami)

MIAMI – Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced on Monday his administration is working on adapting more hotels as isolation centers for coronavirus patients.

Suarez said his administration is working with the Florida Division of Emergency Management. He said this will help to reduce cases by preventing transmission among family members.

Suarez said data collected by contract tracers, the detectives who investigate coronavirus outbreaks, shows about 33% of COVID-19 patients had been infected at home.

The city has been experiencing a rise in cases since Friday. He said hospitals are working to increase capacity in anticipation of more cases.

Suarez said code enforcement officers shut down two businesses for 10 days for violating the preventive measures. In Miami, not wearing a face mask can result in a $500 fine for repeat violators. He is also looking into other measures and will make another announcement on Wednesday.

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