FBI takes dumpsters from gas station where Leila Cavett last seen

Man arrested on kidnapping charge was seen near dumpster, gas station employee says

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – The FBI was seen Thursday going through a dumpster behind the Race Trac. They were taking pictures and two dumpsters were loaded onto two flat bed trucks late Thursday afternoon, taken away covered with tarps.

Is this connected to the Leila Cavett case? Local 10 is working to confirm that information.

What we do know is Shannon Ryan, the man who claimed to be the last person to see Leila, was arrested on a kidnapping charge.

In his criminal complaint, it says he was on his phone searching Hollywood commercial garbage pickup dates.

We also heard from investigators that a gas station employee told detectives that they recalled Ryan using the Race Trac dumpster and noticed children toys and women’s clothes inside the dumpster.

Police said Ryan posted a nearly hour-long video on Facebook Aug. 9 discussing his relationship with Cavett, claiming to have helped her during a time she was homeless and saying that he covered a window of her truck with a garbage bag because the window was broken.

Surveillance video shows that no windows were broken on the vehicle while it was at the gas station, however when police recovered the truck, they said the driver’s-side window was broken and the driver-side visor was bent.

Meanwhile the FBI released new surveillance from the gas station in Hollywood, the last known images of Cavett before she went missing on July 25.

According to the FBI, the video shows her white Chevy pickup truck that same after, then she’s seen later getting out of a Lexus in front of the same gas station, and the last image is of her inside the gas station store around 10 p.m.

She has not been seen or heard from since. The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for any tips that can lead to Leila Cavett’s whereabouts.

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