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Mother confronts woman accused of killing her son in car crash

Out-of-control driver moves into grieving mother’s neighborhood

SUNNY ISLES BEACH, Fla. – A grieving mother told Local 10 she couldn’t control her emotions when she came face-to-face with the woman accused of killing her son a year ago in a drug-infused car crash on I-95 in Miami.

Maria Vasco Romero said she spotted Catherine Capozzi a few weeks ago and had to unleash her grief and anger when she realized that the woman had moved in to her Sunny Isles Beach neighborhood.

Joel Josue Romero was 15 when he was in a car with his mother that was rear-ended by an out-of-control driver. He died a year ago on Sept. 18 from injuries caused by the crash. Capozzi, 60, was arrested, but was able to make bond.

“As much as I didn’t want to confront her — my emotions. I honestly feel like she doesn’t realize the severity of what she’s done,” Maria said.

Maria was in a coma for a month after the crash. She said not only is she heartbroken over the death of her son but now she’s traumatized that Capozzi is living nearby.

“She’s a threat. Psychologically, it’s harassment to have her so close to me.”

What’s the most unsettling for her is the fact that Capozzi is able to be out on bond while her son is gone forever.

“He was a really good kid and I see a lot of him through my younger son, Matthew,” Maria said.

Capozzi will appear in court for a hearing on charges stemming from the crash on Oct. 6.

About the Author:

Alex Finnie joined the Local 10 News team in May 2018. South Florida is home! She was raised in Miami and attended the Cushman School and New World School of the Arts for high school.