Travelers arrive in Fort Lauderdale after fleeing Cancun ahead of Hurricane Delta

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Vacationers in Cancun are trying to flee the popular travel location as Hurricane Delta approaches.

Some have boarded flights to South Florida, catching the last departing flights in an attempt to get away from the storm.

“They cancelled all the flights, they’re evacuating the hotels,” said Laura Navarrette, who had just arrived at Fort Lauderdale Airport on a flight from Cancun. “I know my sister’s hotel is being evacuated to a hospital, she’s still there. She’s driving three hours to a little town; they found a hotel. She had to rent a car and everything, so it’s kind of like a mess.”

Katlyn Rodriguez cut her vacation short after watching residents and businesses beginning to prepare for the storm.

“People were getting prepared, getting to the supermarket, getting all the supplies they usually get whenever there is a hurricane,” Rodriguez said. “I just decided to leave today because I didn’t know how bad it was going to get.”

While some were forced to wrap up their vacations sooner than expected, Debora Islas told Local 10 News that as soon as she landed, her hotel was beginning to evacuate, so she caught a returning flight the same day she arrived in Cancun.

“The hotel said sure come, and then we will take you to the shelter,” Islas explained. “I’m not going to go to a shelter. Would you go to a shelter with COVID?”

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