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What does a shark bite feel like? Man attacked on South Beach shares.

“I was hoping it wasn’t a shark, but I knew that was a possibility. My leg, something didn’t feel right," said Mark Bowden, 31, of Southern California. He was bitten on South Beach Wednesday while on vacation with his girlfriend.

MIAMI – The man attacked by a shark Wednesday on South Beach was released from the hospital just one day later. He says the experience, while harrowing, won’t keep him out of the water forever.

“I think I’m definitely going to take a break from swimming,” said 31-year-old Mark Bowden, who is from Santa Rosa, Calif. "But man, I love Southern California beaches and Hawaii and now Miami, and I don’t think I can stay out of the water. I think at some point I’ll be going back in.

"Plus ... what are the chances of having two shark attacks? That’s got to be zero.”

Bowden was in the ocean near 10th Street Wednesday, and a woman actually came over saying she thought she had seen a shark. They all got out, and waited about 15 minutes, but never saw anything, so Mark got back in.

Then, as he was body surfing, he says he felt like something punched him in the leg, and he knew something was wrong.

“It just felt like something punched my leg really and it was the kind of force that I thought would probably knock me over but it didn’t,” Bowden said. “I was hoping it wasn’t a shark, but I knew that was a possibility. My leg, something didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like I got bit but it didn’t feel normal either.”

Mark Bowden, a 31-year-old from California, was released from the hospital just a day after suffering a bloody shark bite during his vacation to Miami.

He made his way to shore, where ocean rescue and then Miami Beach Fire Rescue treated his bloody wound before taking him to Ryder Trauma Center.

Surgeons stitched up the leg., and only about 24 hours later, he was released — feeling pretty lucky.

“I really appreciate everyone’s help,” Bowden said. “They were quick, kind and accommodating.”

Bowden, who is here on vacation with his girlfriend, says they were supposed to fly back to Southern California tonight, but will likely be extending the trip another day.

About the Author:

Ian Margol joined the Local 10 News team in July 2016 as a general assignment reporter. Born in Miami Beach and raised in Broward County, Ian is thrilled to be back home in South Florida.