Miami International Airport fliers react to new coronavirus guidelines for travelers

MIAMI – To keep the coronavirus pandemic under control in South Florida, infectious disease experts would prefer if no one was traveling during the holiday season. Coronavirus infections, and COVID-19 related hospitalizations, and deaths are increasing.

Despite that, there will be those who will risk traveling this holiday season. Doctors with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are asking them to get tested for the coronavirus twice.

Zainab Johnson was at Miami International Airport on Wednesday. Contrary to expert opinion, she was among the air travelers who don’t believe the risks of flying are too high.

“Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, you should be fine,” Johnson said.

The CDC is recommending that holiday season travelers get tested for the coronavirus one to three days before the outgoing flight and again three to five days after the returning flight.

The CDC is also asking travelers to quarantine at home for 7 to 10 days after the trip if they receive a negative test result.

CDC doctors are still recommending frequent hand-washing, social distancing for about 6 feet, and the proper use of face masks.

Mike and Cathy Comerford were at MIA on Wednesday getting ready to fly back to Syracuse where they live. Mike Comerford said the government is overreaching by setting too many limits on travel and family gatherings for the holidays.

“I don’t like it,” Comerford said.

The CDC has the power to issue guidelines, but not to enforce them. Stephen Smith was also at MIA. He said that if he didn’t have to travel he really wouldn’t because it’s not easy to social distance.

“If you don’t have to, stay home,” Smith said. “If you have to, then you have got to do what you’ve got to do sometimes.”

Florida remains in the red zone, according to ABC News’ copy of a White House Coronavirus Task Force report. The Florida Department of Health reported on Wednesday that there are more than a million coronavirus cases in the state.

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