Mayor gets involved as residents of Dania Beach neighborhood fight over removal of old oak trees

A Dania Beach neighborhood is divided because of a fight over some very old oak trees.

DANIA BEACH, Fla. – A Dania Beach neighborhood is divided because of a fight over some very old oak trees.

Some are saying that the trees should stay while others believe they need to be cut back.

It’s reached the point where the Mayor of Dania Beach has gotten involved.

On Wednesday, homeowners along Southwest 36th Terrace stood and watched as decades-old oak trees were chopped to pieces.

For years, the street has been adorned and shaded by oak tree hammocks.

Now, those trees are in danger.

Local 10 captured on tree being cut down in a private lot.

Neighbors said they don’t know the owner, but whoever the person is, he or she is within their right thanks to a controversial Florida law passed last year.

The law allows property owners to remove virtually any tree, even an old oak, if they get an arborist to certify the tree poses a danger. The law cuts local government’s authority to prevent any trees from being taken down.

For neighbors along that Dania Beach street, it’s a tree killing loophole and a tragedy to their way of life.

Dania Beach Mayor Tamara James arrived at the call of residents who are desperate for help.

“We are currently exploring options with a legal department,” .James said.

The Mayor told Local 10 the city’s commission will be discussing the issue and possibly vote on an ordinance to help prevent it from continuing to happen.

There are several people on that street who do support the right of homeowners to cut these trees.

In fact, one neighbor threatened Local 10′s crew in an attempt to stop the story from airing.

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