Runcie wants all Broward public school students to return to in-person learning

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Broward County public school students need to return to classrooms for in-person learning in the fall, Superintendent Robert Runcie said during a public meeting on Tuesday.

Officials said the decision for 100% in-person learning is based on the current, local trends of the coronavirus pandemic.

“There will be no blended, hybrid, remote learning,” Runcie said.

Even if the district doesn’t operate an online school, the Florida Department of Education still has a state virtual public school. This means less funding for the district.

“We know some have certainly been successful but they’ve been many that have certainly been a big challenge,” Runcie said about students’ adaptation to online learning.

For months, Runcie has been urging about 60,000 students whose grades suffered during the pandemic to go back to the physical classroom.

“If it’s the will of the school board, I would like to share more formal communication with our families this week,” Runcie said.

The return to the classroom would still include health protocols such as social distancing and face mask use.

Anna Fusco, the Broward Teachers Union president, said in-person learning will start during summer school.

“They’re expecting 60,000 students at 89 school sites,” Fusco said.

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