Runcie says new Broward schools’ programs will help struggling students

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Broward County Public Schools launches a new plan to help the estimated 60,000 students who are falling behind academically during the coronavirus pandemic.

Superintendent Robert Runcie has attributed the low grades to difficulties with virtual learning and a need for more time with teachers in classrooms at the schoolhouse.

“The good news is our students are coming back to school,” Runcie said.

About 81,000 students are back in schools. That’s about 40% of the total student population. Broward will be adding an extensive six-week summer school program and he said he is developing programs to help struggling students catch up — including “Ask Bria,” a remote instructional assistant.

“it’s not just going to be about academic support but it’s also going to provide enrichment opportunities.”

The new spring academy starts next week and runs through the end of the school year. BCPS is teaming up with community-based organizations like the United Way, the Urban League, and the Boys and Girls Club.

“We are not modifying the school year, what we’re doing is we are modifying opportunities to provide interventions to our students who need them,” Runcie said.

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