Search continues for famous feline seen falling from Hard Rock Stadium upper level

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The viral videos of a cat falling from the upper deck of Hard Rock Stadium have been the talk of the town.

There is no doubt that a group of heroic fans made the catch of the game when they used flags to break the feline’s fall and save its life.

It happened during the first half of Saturday’s game between the Miami Hurricanes and Appalachian State Mountaineers.

The cat appeared to survive the fall, but its current whereabouts are still a mystery.

In an attempt to track down the kitty, Local 10 News’ Ian Margol combed through the footage and spotted Dr. Giselle Gutierrez.

She and her husband are Hurricanes football season ticket holders and she said when they saw what was going on, the two of them and a friend jumped into action.

“My husband runs up to the upper deck to see what he can do to save the cat, my friend Liam is the third person holding the American flag and I’m next to them trying to coordinate what I call the cat rescue mission,” said Gutierrez.

Her husband can be seen in the video wearing orange, reaching down and trying to coax the kitty up, but with no luck.

Then, the fall.

Gutierrez grabbed the cat and held it, looking for any obvious signs of injury, until UM sophomore Emilia Weiss showed up.

“She was saying that cat needs to go to a facility and at that point I felt like I could trust her so I handed over the cat to her,” said Gutierrez.

Added Weiss: “I said to her, ‘Hey I know what to do in this situation, please just let me take care of this cat.’”

Watch Ian Margol’s 5pm report below:

The viral videos of a cat falling from the upper deck of Hard Rock Stadium have been the talk of the town.

Weiss has experience working in an animal clinic and did a quick once over of the terrified cat.

“I saw that one or both of its hips were out of place,” Weiss said. “I popped one of the hips back into place, the other one I just sort of adjusted so I’m hoping that the hips are okay now.”

Weiss said after that, the frightened feline became impossible to hold, biting at least three people before disappearing into the student section.

“I just hope the cat’s okay, it makes me feel good knowing I did all that I could,” she said.

Local 10 News reached out to the Humane Society in Miami, Miami-Dade Animal Services, Miami-Dade police and Hard Rock Stadium and no one knows how that cat got into the stadium or where it is now.

The three students who were bitten spent Saturday evening receiving rabies vaccines, just in case.


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