Fort Lauderdale couple shaken after their car is stolen twice in a week, both crimes caught on camera

A Fort Lauderdale couple is living in fear after their car was stolen twice in one week.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Fort Lauderdale couple is living in fear after their car was stolen twice in one week.

The brazen heists were caught on camera.

It happened in the Middle River Terrace neighborhood along 18th court.

“He walked up to the house with a gun in his hand next to him and then just put it up, like it was nothing, said victim Jeffrey Boehme, whose car theft nightmare started when he and his partner got back from out of town a week ago.

“When we got here, we saw that the car was gone,” he said, speaking about his black Subaru BRZ, which had been stolen.

The theft caught on camera, and police ended up finding the car four days later.

“They found it at a shopping center somewhere in Oakland Park,” said Boehme.

Fast forward to early Sunday morning when a man armed with a silver gun showed up outside Boehme’s home.

“I turn to my partner and say your car is gone and he thought I was joking,” Boehme said.

The thief actually pointed his weapon toward the home before climbing into the vehicle.

“And like, he was looking for someone to shoot,” said Boehme. “Brazen, gutsy, ballsy, I mean it’s unbelievable.”

Boehme and his partner point to a silver SUV seen in both the first and second incident as a possible accomplice to the crime, and a possible clue for police.

Boehme said he is glad he was asleep this second time.

“I would’ve gotten shot because he was ready to shoot anybody that walked out the door,” he said. “It makes you afraid to walk outside because you don’t know if someone is going to confront you with a gun.”

This incident is just one of several vehicle crimes in the neighborhood in recent days.

Anyone with information or video that may help detectives is urged to reach out to Fort Lauderdale Police or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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