Here is a quick review of new Florida laws

Laws target driver’s with loud music, smoking on the beach, education about racism

Local 10 News Reporter Michael Putney explains a few of Florida's new laws in a few minutes.

MIAMI – The Florida lawmakers passed nearly 280 bills during the 2022 legislative session and Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed 149 of them into law — including one that critics refer to as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the controversial 15-week abortion ban, and the strawberry shortcake designation that upset Key Lime Pie lovers.

These new laws went into effect on Friday:

  • Loud music: The law allows police officers to penalize drivers whose music is too loud.
  • Smoking on the beach: The law bans smoking at public beaches and parks.
  • The ‘Stop WOKE Act’: The law prohibits teaching about racism in schools and workplaces.
  • Recruiting officers: The law provides incentives such as signing bonuses of up to $5,000 for new recruits.
  • Responsible fatherhood: The law requires DCF to provide resources to fathers and at-risk boys.
  • Juvenile expunction: The law allows minors to expunge their criminal records by completing a diversion program.
  • School safety: The law orders the Board of Education to develop rules for school emergency drills and a family reunification plan.

About the Author:

Michael Putney came to Local 10 in 1989 to become senior political reporter and host of "This Week In South Florida with Michael Putney." He is Local 10's senior political reporter.