Miami Spice 2022: Explore Cuban cuisine

Chug’s Cuban-American diner adopts Miami’s diversity

Chug's Cuban Diner is offering two Miami Spice menus with plenty of options. (Photo courtesy of Miami Spice/Chug's Cuban Diner)

MIAMI – This year’s Miami Spice includes a Cuban-American restaurant in Miami’s Coconut Grove that MICHELIN recognized for its “good quality” and “good value cooking.”

Chef Monika Domínguez, who was born in Havana, Cuba, joined Chef Michael “Chug” Beltran, who grew up in Miami’s Little Havana, to help run his diner near the corner of Fuller Street and Main Highway.

Chug offers the Spice $28 lunch three-course menu on weekdays and the $45 dinner three-course menu every evening with three options for the appetizer, four options for the entree, and three options for dessert.

The appetizer options for the Spice lunch menu are Matzo Ball Soup with caldo de pollo, pumpkin, carrots, and gribenes vinaigrette; Seasonal Croquettas and Pastelitos; or Ceviche with red snapper, citrus, avocado, red onion, and radish.

The entree options for lunch are Pan Con Bistec with shaved eye round, mojo onions, oxtail jus, and horseradish aioli; Abuela’s Plate with a choice of grilled chicken or roast pork, white rice, black beans, and banana; a Wedge Salad with baby iceberg lettuce, Beltran’s bacon, bleu cheese, hard-boiled egg, and Green Goddess dressing; or the Cuban Torta with pork milanesa, avocado aioli, gouda, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

The dessert options for lunch are the Arroz Con Leche with mango jam and sesame oralys crumble; the Salted Caramel Tres Leches with Dulcey pearls, salted caramel soak, and vanilla cake; and the Classic Flan.

The appetizer options for dinner are The Phyllis’ Broccoli and Cheese with cheddar, grana Padano, gruyere, and crackers; The Pork Belly Salad with crispy pork belly, colatura, and pickled Fresno; and the Ceviche that is also offered during lunch.

The entree options for dinner are The Camarones Enchilados with grilled prawns, sofrito, and white rice; The Steak And Eggs with Cuban boliche, sunny side up eggs and white rice; and The Chugs “Cuba” Sandwich with white bread, dijon mustard, Swiss cheese, ham, lechon, salami, and pickles; and The Pan Con Bistec.

The dessert options for dinner are the Arroz Con Leche, The Classic Flan, and The Passionfruit Pie with passionfruit curd, whipped creme fraiche, and a Graham cracker crust.

The Spice menus don’t include drinks, tax, or gratuity. For more information about the diner, visit this page.

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