Broward school board votes for Superintendent Vickie Cartwright to keep her job

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Broward County school board members met on Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale, and they were scheduled to discuss the superintendent early in the afternoon.

The board voted to fire Superintendent Vickie Cartwright on Nov. 14 after former member Daniel Foghanholi’s motion. She had only been on the job since February.

On Tuesday, the new members had an opportunity to vote on whether or not the Nov. 14 decision stands.

“The drama and uncertainty has been embarrassing and it has nothing to do with kids, teachers and staff and it has everything to do with politics and destabilizing this district and it’s wrong,” said board member Sarah Leonardi.

Five of the eight members decided that it does not, and that Cartwright would keep her job as superintendent.

“We cannot punch a hole in the ship because we have an issue with the captain,” said school board member Jeff Holness.

“I understand what the spirit with intent of transparency is, and what happened on Nov. 14th did not meet that,” said board member Allen Zeman.

On Oct. 26, Torey Alston, the former chair, told Cartwright she had 90 days to prove herself. School board member Lori Alhadeff is the new chair.

“I like Dr. Cartwright, I think she is a very nice person, however I think it’s incumbent upon this board to realize when our superintendent is over her head,” said Alhadeff, who was one of the three to vote not to keep the superintendent.

Following the vote, Cartwright spoke about the decision.

“I’ve kept my focus on the daily operations of this district and ensuring that we are making the right decision in the best interest of our students,” she said.

Cartwright inherited issues raised on a grand jury report that prompted Gov. Ron DeSantis to disband the prior school board.

The board’s next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 24 and at that time they will review how the superintendent is doing. They also voted to continue a national search for a possible replacement.

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