Under new school board, Broward Superintendent Vickie Cartwright’s job status remains undetermined

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – The future of Broward County School Public Schools Superintendent Vickie Cartwright is still unknown.

It was last month on Nov. 14 when the superintendent was abruptly fired, an effort led by the majority of the school board, all of whom were appointed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“I was shocked and surprised,” said Cartwright.

It was done on a Monday night, late into the meeting.

The motion made by then-board member Daniel Foghanholi, whose term on the board was about to expire. Meaning the governor appointees would no longer have a majority.

Though it’s a weird thing because it’s my last day with the time, you know, Martin Luther King there is always a right time to do the right thing,” Foghanholi said.

The board had gone back on its word.

It was three weeks prior, on Oct. 26, that the DeSantis appointees tried to fire Cartwright, but instead chose to give her 90 days to address their concerns, like a scathing grand jury report, community engagement and the $800 million SMART Bond program.

“I think she’s a great leader,” Foghanholi said. “I just don’t think she’s the right leader for Broward County.”

The superintendent has only been on the job officially since February and has inherited a hefty list of problems.

“The superintendent for me is at the right place in the right time,” said school board member Nora Rupert.

“The superintendent has done what she can in the short time she has been here,” said board member Debra Hixon

Support then for the superintendent from elected school board members, but will that support hold?

Her future is now in the hands of a new school board.

On This Week In South Florida, new school board chair Lori Alhadeff hinted on the issue.

“We can’t be flip flopping as a board,” she said. “We have laser focused on making sure that we’re providing an excellent education for our students.”

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